Day 2

Monday, October 21, 2013
565 Miles
Charging stops:

  1. Mount Shasta, CA – Tesla Supercharger
  2. Corning, CA – Tesla Supercharger
  3. Folsom, CA – Tesla Supercharger
  4. Harris Ranch, CA – Tesla Supercharger

Day 2

Heading out of Grants Pass, OR, I saw via that the Tesla Supercharger in Mount Shasta was near completion, so I thought I would stop by and see if it was open yet. As I pulled in, there were some electricians working on the chargers and Tom, a Tesla technician, was overseeing the work. They were certifying the station, but they didn’t have a transformer for it yet, so it wasn’t going to be online for a few more days. They did have a portable generator to run the supercharging stations for testing, so Tom said he would turn it on for me so I could charge up – super nice of him to do that for me. His only request was that I not post on any site that I had charged at the station, since it wasn’t actually open yet. That seemed more than fair to me. Tom told me that since the station had just been certified that day, no one had charged there – not even him – so I can claim to be the first to charge a Tesla Model S as the Mount Shasta Supercharger. 🙂

The supercharger there is right next to a hotel/bar/restaurant, which the electricians highly recommended for lunch, so I went in to grab a bite to eat while the car charged up. After lunch, I chatted a little bit with Tom and he asked me how things were going on the trip so far. I recounted my white knuckle driving from the night before, and he asked if the screen, stereo or heater started shutting down towards the end of my drive. I told him I had turned off the heater, heated seats, and stereo to save energy, but the screen stayed on the whole time. His response was, “Oh, you had lots of range left.” He told me he had driven a few of the cars down to zero range and had things automatically turn off to save energy and had gone another 10-15 miles. Now, I’m not making any guarantees about the additional range the car may have past the zero rated range point, but it did make me feel a bit more comfortable knowing that zero miles of rated range didn’t really mean that the car would shut down completely right then.

Mount Shasta Supercharger

Mount Shasta Supercharger

Mount Shasta Supercharger

Tom making sure the connections are tightened to Tesla’s specifications.

After lunch, I headed on down to my next charging stop at Corning, CA.

Corning Supercharger

Corning Supercharger

As I charged up, someone stopped by in his Dodge Ram 2500 truck to ask me about the car. He loved the idea of the car and was thinking of trading in the truck. Hopefully I helped convince him. 😉

As I left Corning, CA, and drove down to my next charging stop at Folsom, CA, the sun began to set and apparently that’s when the insects come out. I’ve never encountered swarms of bugs like I did that evening. It was like rain hitting the windshield, only the washer and wipers did little to nothing to clear the mess. After I made it to Folsom, I found a Target and stopped in to get some window cleaner and paper towels.




Having cleaned the windshield, I headed out for my last stop of the long day of driving – Harris Ranch, CA. I arrived close to midnight safe and sound, and charged up a little before turning in for the night.


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