Day 9

Monday, October 28th, 2013
215 miles
Charging stops:

  1. Old Capitol Inn, Jackson, MS – ChargePoint Station

Day 9


Finally, after several disconcerting charging stops through the South, today was a relatively uneventful driving day, which was nice. 🙂 I had picked up a few postcards to send to folks back home and stopped off at a post office just around the block from the hotel before heading to Jackson, MS. With my postcards mailed and additional stamps in hand, I went back to the car. I ran into two guys who came over to ask me about the car. They had been reading about the Model S and were really interested in finding out more about it. Neither one of them had seen one before, so they were looking it over with amazement. They couldn’t get over the amount of storage, or the huge touchscreen console. They had lots of questions about range, reliability, charging time, etc… the usual. I think I should create a quick Q&A sheet to hand out to folks with all of the most common questions I’ve been asked along the way. They both thought the car was beautiful.

After about a half hour of talking with these two very nice guys, I was off to Jackson. It was a calm, beautiful drive through Louisiana and on into Mississippi. Still no real issues to report with the car (for which I’m very thankful). I found the hotel and upon pulling into their gated parking lot, saw the ChargePoint charging station in the first stall. The only difficult part was that the cable wouldn’t reach my charge port if I pulled in head first, which is how the parking lot is design with angled in parking spaces. But, no problem, I just pulled up to an empty area of the parking lot, turned around, and went the wrong way back to the parking spot and backed in the Model S.

When I checked in and told the front desk attendant that I would need to charge my car, he was happy to set things up for me. Fortunately, they just had the charger’s account updated so that it was free to anyone with a ChargePoint account, so I actually didn’t need him to set things up after all. That was reassuring as I hadn’t had dinner yet and thought about going out for the evening somewhere, but would want to be able to plug in and charge up when I got back. This made that option easily possible without having to get someone from the office to come turn on the charger later that night.

Charging at the Old Capitol Inn

Charging at the Old Capitol Inn

As it turns out, there were some good restaurants within walking distance that the guy at the front desk recommended, so I decided to just leave my car charging and enjoy stretching my legs a bit in the warm southern fall air. I walked down to the Mayflower Cafe and had some of the best fish I’ve had in a long time. A quick check of the charging status and all was well. I walked back to the hotel and as I climbed the stairs to the second floor where my room was, I saw that they have a rooftop deck that was still open. I decided to check it out and snapped this picture of the state capitol building lit up nicely.

Mississippi State Capitol from the rooftop deck

Mississippi State Capitol from the rooftop deck


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